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Beyond the Veil of Delusions,
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Mati H Fuller's new homeopathy book "Beyond the Veil of Delusions. Understanding Relationships through Homeopathy."

Mati H Fuller DI Hom (pract)

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Beyond the Veil of Delusions - Understanding Relationships through Homeopathy
by Mati H Fuller DI Hom (pract)

Reviewed by Maria T. Bohle, Director, The British Institute of Homeopathy, USA

Beyond the Veil of Delusions - Understanding Relationships Through Homeopathy by Mati H Fuller is a fascinating psychological and homeopathic study of human nature and its inner relationships.

Mati's understanding of psychology and her proficiency in homeopathic medicine merge together in this delightful, easy to read and easy to understand book.

We all have a need for water, food, and a hospitable climate where we can live and thrive comfortably. We all have a need for love, attention and affection, but our love relationships and interactions have always been a source of mystery to many of us. How often have we heard, "What does he see in her?" or "They seemed like such a nice couple, why did they split up?" Or, even, "Why do they stay together?" These questions have never been adequately explained, but Mati's insights remove the mystery. This book sheds light upon the motivations of many constitutional remedies and it enlightens the reader to the needs, desires and fears each remedy exhibits. Now we can understand the glue that hold relationships together or the repelling forces that might precipitate a separation.

Beyond the Veil of Delusions is fascinating reading, not just for the homeopath, but for anyone who is a student of human behavior, or for anyone who wants to achieve a better understanding of what makes relationships work or not work. Through Mati's understanding of human needs at the more elemental levels of security, image and delusions these remedy pictures come alive.

Mati Fuller brings a rich background to the homeopathic table. Her study of homeopathy and her clearness of vision and understanding of human behavior make this a unique but solid compilation of her knowledge. Her book is over 300 pages, but I do have one complaint: it was so good that Mati left me wanting more. I scoured the index hoping for just one more remedy, well maybe two more, or even three more would be nice…
Mati has opened a door for us, a door that many homeopaths can now pass through, she has brought our literature and understanding to a new, exciting dimension, and I look forward to her next book as time allows her to continue her project into the future.

This book is a classical piece of literature; it will take its place prominently on my book shelf right next to Catherine Coulter, Robin Murphy's Workbook, Gibbson and Bailey's Psychology. I am always delighted to have another reference book that I can use to refresh my knowledge in a particular area and Mati's book has done that - taught me more in an exciting, refreshing way.

Maria T. Bohle, CCH, RS Hom (NA), DHM, DCN, FBIH, Director, The British Institute of Homeopathy, USA


Beyond The Veil of Delusions: Relationships with a Homeopathic Twist by Mati H. Fuller

Bigger Vision Books 2007

BOOK REVIEW by Margot Maidment
Registrar of The Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Exeter,
United Kingdom

Mati Fuller is a homeopath practising in America who has written a book about how she perceives homeopathic remedy profiles to reflect 'The Deeper Levels of the Psyche', in which she draws on both her practical knowledge of her fellow human beings and her enthusiasm for both psychological and homeopathic insights into human behaviour and relationships.

The book should be of interest not only to homeopaths and student homeopaths wanting to develop their understanding of the interrelationships between the psyche and emotional health, or to psychologists keen to find out what homeopathic understanding has to offer to practitioners in mental health, but also to any individual wanting to make sense of their place in the world and of the ramifications concerning their encounters with others - which could well be all of us.

Homeopathy is and has always been an eclectic arena encompassing both artistic and scientific interpretations of intellectual phenomena, as well as offering a particular focus for clinical practice, which, in Great Britain today, is generating much discussion and is currently fast becoming a forum for political intervention in the widest sense of stimulating conflict and, with luck and good will, offering possible channels for conflict resolution by helping us to make sense of our relationship problems, whether these be on an intimate scale of interpersonal dynamics or on the larger scale of institutional, or even national and international, disputes.

Using portraits of how remedies as constitutional pictures interrelate or fail to connect, Mati illuminates for the reader the complex nature of such interactions in specific personal circumstances but in providing the possibility of a more general understanding of one human being for another, it may permit us to extend to others, who may seem to differ superficially from ourselves in many ways, a sense of respect and compassion for the essential commonalities between us. Anyone with a hope for a peaceful and 'healthful' future for humankind and our environment in all its manifestations will welcome and treasure this book.

Mati's book is available as a first edition, which encompasses two volumes and includes rubrics which will be of particular interest to the homeopath or student homeopath, and as a second edition in one more compact volume, which does not include rubrics. (The name of the second edition is "Beyond the Veil of Delusions, Understanding Relationships Through Homeopathy"). Both editions are, I understand, available through Amazon or via her website www.biggervisionbooks.com

BOOK REVIEW by Margot Maidment, Registered Homeopath and Registrar of The Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Exeter, United Kingdom.


Beyond the Veil of Delusions
Reviewed By- Dr. A.K.Srivastava

Title: Beyond the Veil of Delusions: Understanding Relationships
through Homeopathy
Author: Mati H Fuller, DI Hom (pract)
Publisher: Bigger Vision Books
Reviewed by: Dr. A. K. Srivastava
Author's website: http://www.homeopathyonline.biz

"Beyond The Veil of Delusions," is a fascinating psychological and homoeopathic study of human nature and its inner relationships. Mati's name does not need an introduction in the field of homeopathy. Her insight into human psychology and her proficiency in homoeopathic medicines have merged together to present this exquisite work. The book is easy to understand and imbibe; the presentation of psychological profile of homoeopathic remedies is delightful.
This book, which is a cross between homeopathy and psychology, is written for those who are interested in understanding the deeper levels of the psyche from a homeopathic point of view. Not just for the homoeopaths, but for anyone who is a student of human behaviour, or for anyone who wants to achieve a better understanding of what causes the wheels of relationship to turn or stop. This book is just as essential for those who want to let go of old patterns and expand to higher levels of consciousness, as it is for the homeopath to understand his clients well enough to pick a good remedy.
"Beyond the Veil of Delusions" is divided into four sections, guiding the reader to deeper levels of understanding human nature:
Part Ist: Perceptions of Reality.
Part IInd: The Remedy Profiles---the Deeper Levels of the Psyche.
Part IIIrd---Relationships---Predictable Patterns.
Part IVth-The Bigger Picture- Conclusions and Reflections.
The first part deals with what delusions are, and how understanding them is vital to know the personality of a person.
Second part deals with the remedy profiles. The book sheds light upon the motivations of many constitutional remedies and it enlightens the reader to the needs, desires and fears each remedy exhibits. As you go through the portrait of a medicine, you become friendly with their characters. You know their weaknesses, their strengths, their fears, their needs and desires. The remedy pictures come alive.
Third part deals with the relationship issues, (personally speaking this was the section I enjoyed the most). Just by going through it we can understand the bond that holds relationships together or the repulsions that might precipitate a separation. Some of the kinships explained in detail include:
Disappointed expectations,
The relationship between Natrum muriaticum woman and Lycopodium man.
The almost perfect relationship,
The relationship between Natrum muriaticum woman and Arsenicum album man.
Independently together,
The relationship between Kali carbonicum woman and Nux vomica man,
and many more.
On the needs and desires of the medicines from relationships Mati has given an insight into inner sphere, "….Natrum mur is attracted to someone who is physically or emotionally like her father; Arsenicum will look for someone who can take care for him; Staphysagria, who hates his mother, is looking for a mother figure he can hate, so he often picks up someone who reminds him of his mother. Causticum wants a mate who can help him save humanity or make the world a better place; Calcarea carb wants a mate who can provide for her and make her feel safe; Phosphorus wants a mate who will love her forever and think she is eternally beautiful; Pulsatilla wants a mate who will never leave her or die……."
In the fourth part she has explained the significance of meditation in dealing with the relationships. "In a relationship, the priorities are simple: Each person needs to focus on his or her own spiritual journey. The problems we experience in our relationships should simply be seen as opportunities for further spiritual growth. Instead of focussing on all the things they don't like about each other and constantly convincing the other to change, they will eventually realize that the only person they can truly change is themselves. This perception can then turn the relationship from being a battle of egos (selfishness and separation) into a place of love, nurturing and compassion (togetherness and oneness)……Our whole journey here is about finding a way to reconnect, and eventually become one with, the Ultimate Source, and everything we experience, including relationship problems, are only stepping stones in the process of continued spiritual expansion. All it takes, to be able to see everything in a whole new perspective, is just a small shift in perception." She has even touched the controversial subject of "The Changing Constitutions" She has just poured her views and left the reader to ponder about the unravelling of the mystery. Fourth part includes Mati's insight into the ever widening issues which she realised while writing the book.
One thing I can assure you, if you get hold of the book, just flip through the pages and you will feel so magnetized to it that you won't be able to rest until you have exhausted the last drops of the nectar from it. You can take my words for that.
It is my hope that the readers will also find the content interesting, inspiring and thought provoking. Mati has opened a vision for us, the vision expanding the spheres of understanding of not just homoeopathic medicines but also of human behaviour. It leaves us craving for more. This is not just my wish, but the wish of anyone who reads through the book. We are waiting for the next plunge into the vast ocean of remedy profiles.
Our esurient soul craves for more; Mati, when can you provide us with the next course? To which her response is,

Don't worry, more will come. I am currently working on the next book, which I think I will call "Straight to the Core." When it will be finished, I don't know, but I do promise that I'll let you know as soon as it happens."
"Beyond the Veil of Delusions" is available from
http://www.biggervisionbooks.com and is also available from many homeopathic bookstores, as well as from online booksellers like http://www.amazon.com
Mati H Fuller DI Hom (pract) is available for consultations via phone or email.
Email: matifuller@gmail.com
Website: http://www.homeopathyonline.biz


I just received the book yesterday; have been reading and re-evaluating life ever since. It helps so much to have your examples to learn from. I already see myself and my relationships, and also some family members in the example portraits/descriptions. I thank you for sharing those, and for writing this book for all of our benefit. It helps to untangle some of the mysteries inherent in relating to others.

I appreciate your including the core issue concept, ideas on how to work with these; and your suggestions for compromise and solutions are very practical and welcomed. Also, the progressive flavor of the book, with examples of spiritual and personal-growth successfully demonstrating value within the relationships is most welcomed and timely I'd say.

Thank you!

Tamariee Trogdon, Med. Asst. and student of homeopathy


It was easy to settle into this book. As soon as I had read my remedy profile, I was just as eager to read the rest. There is an underlying theme of compassion in all of Mati's work, which is exactly what I am looking for in my own relationships. Extremely insightful. Well done!

Marcia Heusted
Assistant Professor of Holistic Health
Trinidad State Junior College


I have a very short attention span, can't plod through boring books....I read the whole book straight through! I totally recommend it for all homeopaths! Best Materia Medica ever! Extremely enlightening! Inventive. Inspired. Thought provoking and innovative. Ingenious!

Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom,
assistant editor of "Homeopathy 4 everyone"


She has a gift for explanation and making connections in the remedies that some may not see. Mati's work can help so many.

Donna Earnest, DHM, FBIH


Dear Mati,

I did enjoy your book and think that it is a very useful addition to the homeopathic literature. I intend to recommend it to the students in our college and hopefully to review it for our local group's newsletter.

Many thanks,

Margot Maidment
The Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Exeter, UK


Even though this book was released only a few months ago (the first edition was a two volume set released in April of 2007), they have already been added to the list of recommended reading for the students at colleges like The British Institute of Homeopathy, Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, Canada, The Teleosis School of Homeopathy and The Contemporary College of Homeopathy, Exeter, UK.

A New Revised Edition…

In the second revised edition of Beyond the Veil of Delusions, both volumes from the first edition have been put into one, easy to read volume, and the homeopathic rubrics have been removed to make the text easier to read. This book describes the psychology of relationships from a homeopathic point of view. Here, you will find answers to questions like why people do the things they do, and feel the way they feel, why communication is so difficult, and why we attract the same type of mate over and over. As you delve deeply into this book, you'll see that the book is more than just a homeopathy or psychology book; it is also a tool for your own personal expansion since your newfound awareness can help you break your old patterns and transform your life. This book is the key to understanding homeopathy, your relationships, your problems and yourself.

Mati H Fuller's new homeopathy book "Beyond the Veil of Delusions. Understanding Relationships through Homeopathy."

"Beyond the Veil of Delusions"

Second Revised Edition @ only $39.95

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"Beyond the Veil of Delusions,"
Second Revised Edition @

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'Beyond the Veil of Delusions'

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