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Homeopathy is energy medicine that directly affects your life force. This makes homeopathy unique because homeopathy heals on the deepest levels possible. So if you are suffering from various ailments and want relief, or you are tired of using an assortment of pills, potions and lotions that are often both expensive and ineffective, please consider homeopathy as a natural alternative which is affordable, non-addictive and safe for anyone to use. Homeopathy has been around since the beginning of the 17th century, but before I can tell you more about what homeopathy actually is, we first have to understand what it is that needs to be healed.

What Exactly is Sickness?

If you think we all have the same idea of what sickness is, or what causes sickness, you are wrong! You'll be surprised to find that the idea of what sickness is, profoundly affects the kind of therapy or treatment we offer to the sick. For example, aborigines believe that sickness is caused by the influence of evil spirits, and that cure only happens if they can get the evil spirit to leave the sick person's body. The tribal medicine man will use drumming, rattles, singing, trance dance, smoke, prayers and sometimes herbs and rituals to aid in the process of healing.

If we look at modern medicine, we don't have to go back more than about 300 years to find a very different point of view than what we see today. At the beginning of the 17th century, the medical doctors believed that sickness was caused by "bad blood" and that this "bad blood" had to be purged by any means before healing could happen. They would force the sick person to take emetics and purgatives which would cause serious vomiting and diarrhea. They often used hot cups on the skin to "draw" the badness out, and then, of course, their two favorite methods, bloodsucking leeches and venesection, where they cut a vein open and drained away as much blood as they could. In those days, you'd be lucky if you survived the treatment itself!

Fortunately, the medical profession has finally adopted a more humane view of sickness and treatments. I have recently heard that they still use leeches in some cases, but at least they have stopped doing all those other horrible things they used to do. Now, they believe that the symptoms are the disease, and that if you can get the symptoms to go away, you are cured. So, for example, if you have eczema, and you use cortisone cream to get it to go away from the skin, you are cured… or if you get gonorrhea and use antibiotics to get the symptoms to disappear, you are cured… But, unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth!

Suppression of Symptoms is Not a Cure!

The controversial truth is, nothing is ever cured with allopathic medicines because suppression is the opposite of cure! When symptoms are suppressed, they simply go somewhere else. And where else can they go? There is only one place they can go, and that is deeper into the organism. As they go deeper, they may change form and start affecting much more essential organs instead. Eventually, you may even end up with a sickness that has a totally different name than the first one had, but there is still a connection between what you were previously "cured of" and what you are suffering from now. Even though homeopathy has known about these connections for almost 300 years already, traditional medicine has yet to discover the truth of this.

What Makes Homeopathy Different?

In homeopathy, we believe that the symptoms we experience during sickness are simply the body's way of expressing an imbalance on a deeper, underlying energetic level. If we can understand what this energetic imbalance is, and give an energetic remedy that can restore the imbalance, the symptoms will naturally disappear and the body will heal itself. How is this different from suppression of symptoms? It is different because the remedies are not doing anything to the symptoms directly. Homeopathy only affects the very deepest level of the body - what we call the vital force or life force, or in other cultures, prana or chi. Once we bring the vital force back into balance, the symptoms, which are just an expression of the underlying imbalance, will no longer exist. It is as simple as that!

This is why, in homeopathy, we don't diagnose or treat sickness because homeopathy is focused on a level much deeper than the physical expression of symptoms that we normally call disease. To us, it is more important to balance the organism as a whole, which is why homeopathy is called a holistic form of healing. If you want to kill a tree, it isn't enough to just pick the leaves off - if you do, new leaves will grow. The only way to kill the tree is by cutting the root because once the root has been destroyed, the tree is finished. It is the same with holistic therapy - it aims to cut the root of the sickness itself, and once the root is cut, the sickness naturally disappears.

Homeopathy is Based Upon Natural Law

Homeopathy is based upon natural law, and according to natural law, healing happens from the inside out, from the top to the bottom, and from the vital organs to the less vital organs (Heering's law of healing). Anything that goes against this law is the opposite of true healing! It is also common that symptoms reappear in the opposite order during the healing process. For example, someone may need homeopathic help for her insanity. You give her a remedy, and next, the insanity disappears, but now the person shows signs of asthma, which you discover she had about 10 years ago. You also discover that her insanity happened after her asthma was "cured" with cortisone. So you give her more remedy, and at this time, the asthma clears up, and instead, eczema shows up. This, you find out, is something she had as a child, and it is no surprise to discover that this, too, was previously "cured" with cortisone. After a little more remedy and a little more time, the eczema also clears, and the person feels better than ever before. This is a typical example of how true and permanent healing happens.

What is True Healing?

Right now, you might find yourself wondering how the eczema and the asthma, which was previously "cured" with cortisone, could possibly reappear during the homeopathic healing process. How could it physically reappear, if it was actually cured? That is a very good question, and the answer is simple: It reappeared because cure never happens through suppression of symptoms. If the symptoms were simply suppressed, they are still inside the body because they have nowhere else to go. True healing has to follow natural law; therefore, true healing can only happen from the inside out!

The Truth About Traditional Medicine

A large percentage of allopathic (traditional) medicine works only though suppression. Here are just a few examples of suppressive medicines that almost everyone uses at some point in their lives:

1) anti-histamines (suppression of allergies)
2) anti-biotics (suppression of infection)
3) anti-depressants (suppression of grief and depression)
4) chemo-therapy (suppression of cancer)
5) anti-psychotic medicine (suppression of insanity)
6) birth control pills and estrogen therapy (suppression of
natural cycles)
7) pain killers (suppression of pain)
8) deodorants (suppression of perspiration)
9) diet pills (suppression of fat absorption)

And, these only represent a small sample of what suppressive medicines are actually on the market, available to the general public!

And, There is More...

In addition to suppression, allopathic medicine also causes something called iatrogenic disease, which is another word for "side effects." Many people have found out the hard way that the side effects of their medications can sometimes be almost as bad as the sickness they are supposed to cure! And, the cure for this medically caused sickness is, you guessed it, another medicine! So, we take medicines for our sickness, and these medicines cause artificial diseases that can only be "cured" by taking another medicine that suppresses the bad effects of the first one! No wonder the medical industry has become such a huge success! It is now one of the most profitable industries in the United States, worth billions of dollars every year!

Alternative Healing Methods

So, do you think the medical industry would like you to discover that alternative healing methods exist? Of course not! Every time someone chooses alternative methods, the medical industry loses money! The fact is, the medical industry have such a huge investment in selling drugs to sick people that they will do whatever they can to discredit all alternative healing methods, so that you'll still keep buying their medicines whenever you become sick. But the time has come for things to change! What is really needed is more education about alternative healing methods so the public can see that they actually do have other choices. We no longer have to be victims of the medical profession. We no longer have to do as we are told, just because we are scared into believing that traditional medicine is our best and only option. As we transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, we have to learn to let go of victim consciousness and start taking responsibility for ourselves, our lives and also our own healing processes. Whether the medical industry likes it, or not, traditional medicine is no longer our only choice! Alternative medicine is here to stay!

So, What Exactly is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural form of healing based upon the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann. Since Hahnemann was both a scientist and a genius, he found a way of releasing the healing properties of any substance through a method called "potentisation." He could, for example, take a few grains of normal table salt, "potentize" it and make it into an incredibly powerful remedy for healing! In fact, all of nature is full of substances that can be made into healing remedies the same way he did with the table salt. All we have to do is "potentize" them the way he taught us so that their healing energy can be released. Once that is done, the next step is to find out what the healing properties of the remedies are.

Homeopathy Doesn't Use Guinnea Pigs!

You may wonder how Hahnemann figured out what the healing properties of all the remedies were. It will probably surprise you to find that he actually tried them on real people, not on monkeys, rats or guinea pigs! He first started out by trying them on himself while carefully writing down the symptoms they created in his body. During his lifetime, he tried more than 200 remedies on himself, and he also tried them on his other family members, his students, his friends, his colleges and anyone else who wanted to be part of his new experiments. These experiments were called "provings" and all the proving symptoms were gathered in a book called a "material medica," which homeopaths still use today.

The Principles of Homeopathy -
Like Cures Like, One Remedy and Minimum Dose

The very first remedy Hahnemann tested was quinine bark. After eating some of the bark, he quickly developed symptoms of malaria, which is what quinine was used to cure in those days. From this experiment, he realized the first principle of homeopathy, which is: LIKE CURES LIKE. This is where the name homeopathy stems from: homeo means similar and pathy means sickness. So, in homeopathy, we look for a remedy that is similar to the person's sickness because this is the one that will bring the body back into a state of balance so that healing can happen. Based on the other two principles, ONLY ONE REMEDY AT A TIME and THE MINIMUM DOSE, only one remedy is recommended at a time, and in a very dilute form, to ensure that the healing process happens as gently as possible.

I no longer offer homeopathic consultations.

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