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Mati H Fuller's new homeopathy book "Beyond the Veil of Delusions. Understanding Relationships through Homeopathy."

Mati H Fuller DI Hom (pract)

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About Mati H Fuller

I was born and raised in Bergen, Norway. My family had no interest in homeopathy or other types of alternative medicine, so I was brought up with the allopathic approach. When I started having physical problems at 18, I personally got to experience allopathic medicine with all it's shortcomings. It was at this time I met the person who first introduced me to homeopathy. He told me about miasms, which are inherited weaknesses we come in with that make us susceptible to certain diseases, and how these can be cleared with homeopathy. I thought everything he told me sounded fascinating. His enthusiasm made me feel new hope, and I quickly booked an appointment.

He talked to me for several hours and then went into his back room for what seemed an eternity. He finally came out with a small bottle of a homeopathic remedy which he gave me and instructed me on how to use. I looked at the tiny pills and secretly wondered how such small pills could possibly have any effect, but I had no reason to worry! I could feel subtle changes in my body just a couple of days after I started using the remedy, and within a few weeks my condition was completely gone, never to return again. By now, my interest was definitely peaked, and I started buying books about homeopathy.

I came to the United States in 1985 and settled down in the mountains of Colorado where I got married and had two children. As soon as my last child was out of diapers, I rekindled my passion for homeopathy and began studying with British Institute of Homeopathy. After graduating from British Institute, I did clinical training with Karen Allen, who is associated with British Institute of Homeopathy. She has the unique ability to teach not just the science of homeopathy, but also the art of homeopathy - how to perceive the core of a case and the art of repertorizing (analysing) a case properly. This is an art because every case is unique, and also because there are so many methods to choose from. Working with Karen Allen, I became so interested in core issues that I started doing my own research. I put my findings into a book called
"Beyond the Veil of Delusions, Understanding Relationships Through Homeopathy." This book is a cross between homeopathy and psychology, and it is written for anyone who is interested in understanding the deeper levels of the psyche. CLICK HERE to read reviews about "Beyond the Veil of Delusions."

Ever since my first exposure to homeopathy, I have had great passion for learning more about it. To me, every case is a mystery, and I love looking for the missing clues. In addition, I also look for underlying issues that can explain why the person got sick in the first place (homeopathic core analysis). I believe that understanding why you are sick is just as important as getting the right remedy. Once you have the necessary understanding, you can work on your issues while taking the remedy, and this will greatly speed up the time of healing.

My role as a homeopath is to become a supportive friend in your process of healing. When you take a remedy and report back to me how your body and mind is responding, I look at that as a dialog between the remedy and your vital force (immune system). By evaluating what is happening, I can then adjust the strength and frequency of the remedy accordingly. This is why feedback is so crucial.

Homeopathy is not a passive "fix me" approach. The fact is, there are some people I can help, and some that I can't help, and I think you will find that this is the case with any homeopath you decide to work with. It is simply a risk you will have to take. The only thing I can promise for sure is that I will do my very best to help you.

Mati H Fuller, DI Hom (pract)

I no longer offer homeopathic consultations.

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