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My Own Story - A Crushed, Broken Big Toe

Who would have thought that a broken toe could be such a big deal? I had no idea, until it happened to me, how hard it is to walk when your big toe is broken. And it all happened in a split second!


I play Japanese Taiko drums. These drums are big and heavy, and on this particular day, I had to play an extra heavy drum. (It probably weighed about 100 lbs.) We were going to play a song where the drum sits on a small rack in a diagonal angle. Because the angle was wrong, I needed to shift the drum further back into the rack, but instead of sliding back, it tipped forward. As it was going down, I tried to hold it back with my hands, but it was too heavy. It kept slipping and landed on my big toe, edge first, and of course, I wasn't wearing any shoes! (Now, I know better!)

The Damage

The first thing I experienced was shock. I felt myself going pale and sweaty and knew I was going to pass out. So I lay down on the floor and asked for someone to get my homeopathic remedies that I always keep in my car. I took some homeopathic Arnica 200c and started feeling a bit better. We wrapped up the toe and called for help. Since it happened on a Sunday, and I didn't want to go to the emergency room, I called a local midwife friend and asked if she could help me clean it up and assess the damage. At this point, I didn't even know that the toe was broken.

The Super Glue Solution

I had no idea how bad it really was. The nail basically became a knife and went right through the toe on the right side. (The side of the toe was on top of the nail!) The other side was also cut, but not so deep. The bottom of the nail had been ripped out and was sticking out. My friend looked at it and said there was no way she could stitch anything as long as the nail was still in place. So I had the option to go to the emergency room and have my nail taken off, or we could try super glue. I opted for the super glue solution since I didn't want my nail taken off, and since I also didn't want to be forced to have a tetanus shot, which is routine in hospitals after this kind of injury. So she cleaned it up and was able to put the side piece back where it goes. The dried up stuff you see in the first picture is a mixture of superglue and blood. Notice that there is very little swelling or bruising - the Arnica is already working!

Homeopathic Remedies for Pain

By the time I got home, the pain was radiating all the way up to my thigh, which is not a good sign. It sometimes indicates the beginning of tetanus. So, I started using more homeopathic remedies. (I don't know how people can live without homeopathy!) First, I alternated Hypericum and Ledum. Hypericum is specific for crushed fingers and toes as well as any kind of nerve damage and it also covers shooting pain that moves up the nerves. In addition, it is an excellent remedy for tetanus. The other remedy, ledum, can also prevent tetanus, so the shooting pain up the leg quickly went away after a few doses of these two remedies. Ledum is also excellent for reabsorbing swelling and internal bleeding, and it is a fantastic pain remedy as well. I have found that if it is given in a high potency, it can effectively relieve any kind of pain and throbbing in crushed or even broken fingers and toes. So, whenever the pain was bothering me through that first night, I took another dose of Ledum or Hypericum and went back to sleep. The next day, there was no pain whatsoever! The toe still looked awful, and it was bleeding for about 7 days, but NO PAIN! After a couple of days, when I was sure that there was no infection, I added Calendula to aid the healing. One day the toe became red, shiny and hot, which is also not a good thing. At that point, I took a few doses of Apis, and the color and temperature went back to "normal," which at the time was a slightly bluish color, like a bruise. The only problem with using homeopathy for pain relief, is that you may not know if anything is broken. In my case, I had a severely broken toe, but because there was no pain, I didn't have a clue that the toe was actually broken.

Walking on the Foot Again

After a couple of weeks, I put away the crutches I had borrowed, and started walking on the foot. I had a really hard time finding any comfortable shoes to wear and ended up with some very soft sandals from walmart. As time went by, I was starting to wonder why I couldn't bend the toe. It was still somewhat swollen and bluish, and if I put any kind of pressure on it, it hurt like hell. So, 5 weeks after the injury, I finally went to a foot specialist and had an x-ray taken. The doctor was shocked to find that the toe had been broken off completely. It was almost amputated! In addition, the bone at the tip was also broken lengthwise into two pieces, and there was a crack into the joint as well. He told me it was the worst break he had ever seen, and he coudn't believe that I had actually walked on the foot for over 3 weeks, and that I wasn't in any pain. He told me that the pain for this kind of injury should have been absolutely excruciating, and I hadn't even taken a tylenol! I told him about my powerful, magical homeopathic remedies, and of course, he didn't believe a word I was saying. He told me that a broken toe injury like mine rarely heals on its own, but because the bones were perfectly aligned (another miracle after walking on the foot for so many weeks), he was going to give me two more weeks to heal before he would have to do surgery. He showed me how to bandage the toes together and told me to wear one of those horrible stiff shoes for the next two weeks. By then, he would know if it was going to heal, or if I was going to need surgery and pins to mend the broken toe. I told him I would put some more remedies in my witchy brew, and assured him that it would be healed by the next appointment. And, of course, he didn't believe me...

Two Weeks Later...

That day I went back and added Symphytum, Calcarea Sulphuricum and Silicea, which are all excellent remedies for speeding up the healing of broken bones. In addition, I was still doing Calendula, too, for the healing of skin and soft tissues, and to prevent infection. Two weeks later I went back for another x-ray and the broken bones had then fused together as one piece. The doc shook his head in disbelief and told me I didn't have to wear the stiff shoe anymore since the broken bones were no longer broken. So, I told him he should consider switching to homeopathic remedies instead of the allopathic ones, and he didn't know what to say...

Now, 8 months later...

The nail is finally growing back. The strangest thing is that there are almost no scars! The only scar I have is where the nail cut right through the toe, but below the nail, and on the other side, there is no sign of what happened! The only thing that hasn't healed is some stiffness in the joint. It still doesn't bend as well as it should, but that is just a small thing, considering how badly crushed it was. The doc told me that the drum had actually flattened the bone in addition to breaking it. The good thing is that at least I got to keep the toe, and the homeopathic remedies made the healing of the broken toe almost completely painless. Therefore, I would love to work with people who have broken toes or broken bones, especially if the breaks are complicated, painful or don't heal well. Homeopathy has a lot to offer when it comes to pain reduction, repairing broken bones, and speeding up the healing of broken bones. I have personally had very good results with broken fingers and toes, as well as broken ribs. collarbones and other broken bones. Please feel free to give me a no obligation call about your broken bones to find out how homeopathy can help. My number is 719-256-5330, but please call only during business hours, Mon-Fri 9-5 MST.

I no longer offer homeopathic consultations.

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Homeopathy for broken toe

The day of the injury.

Homeopathy for broken bones
A few weeks later.
Homeopathy for injuries
Side view - this is where the nail cut through to the other side of the toe.
Part of it is still on top of the nail.
Homeopathy for broken toe
Much improvement. At this point I was soaking the toe in warm salt water and carefully starting to remove the scabs.
Homeopathy for broken bones
The old nail started bugging me, so I trimmed it from the bottom up. The new nail is starting to come in, and the color is starting to look better.
Homeopathy for injuries
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Eight monts after the injury. Much, Much better!!!