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Failure to thrive - weight loss and hair loss in a 3 year old

What do you do when your 3 year old has failure to thrive, and there is weight loss as well as hair loss by the handful? I bet it was pretty scary for the mother, especially since she didn't get much support from her doctor. At first, the doc thought the mother was neglecting the little girl, and threatened to call in social services to investigate. But after most of the tests came back almost normal, he started thinking that the mother was just a hypochondriac. Luckily, the mother didn't give up. She knew that something was very wrong because weight loss, hair loss, weakness and lack of appetite are not normal conditions for a 3 year old child. To her, it was obvious that the girl wasn't thriving. And that is when she came to me for a homeopathic consultation hoping that homeopathy could change her daughters failure to thrive.


Mother was a single mom, home schooling, college attending mother of 3. She was a busy mom, trying her best to make ends meet, but her youngest girl, 3 year old Vicky, was having serious problems. The doctor diagnosed her condition as "failure to thrive" and did lots of blood tests on her, but the test results didn't really confirm anything. The doctor started thinking that the mother was a hypochondriac, even though the girl had lost one pound since the last time she was there (a week earlier), and she had lost a considerable amount of hair. Her hair loss was so severe that you could see bald spots through her hair, and she didn't look well. The mother was worried about her failure to thrive and had been to several healers and medical doctors before she came to me.

The symptoms were:

bed wetting, weight loss, fatigue, irritability, hair loss by the handful so she was starting to get bald spots, and because of her failure to thrive, she had completely lost her "sparkle."
She had celiac disease with intolerance to gluten, soy, corn and dairy.
Thirst excessive, but still dehydrated and no physical signs of diabetes.
Bedwetting at night.
Her hair was unhealthy, like straw. Over the past several months her hair loss was about 50% of her hair.
Teeth were unhealthy with many cavities, and fingernails were soft.
She had foul gas, frequent stomach aches and dry skin with patches of eczema.
She used to be super chunky and stocky, but now her legs were thin because of her excessive weight loss, her belly was sticking out and she had almost no butt left. Her hair color was red, and she had some freckles.

I gave her Phosphorus, 30c daily.

10 days later:

Hair loss had stopped and she had only wet her bed once since she started using homeopathy. She was still very tired and irritable.

15 days later:

She was still improving, with more energy, less weight loss, and her "sparkle" was coming back. She no longer had daily stomach aches, she hadn't wet her bed in the past two weeks, she no longer needed naps and her hair loss had stopped. Her blood sugar was still a little bit off.

About 1 month later:

She was completely back to normal and all her blood tests were fine. Instead of hair loss and weight loss, her hair was finally growing back and she was putting on weight.

This is the last email her mother sent me:

"She is SO much better! She hasn't wet the bed in weeks, her hair is getting thicker, her stools are normal, she barely naps anymore, she runs and plays and sparkles, and her blood sugars are finally normal! I feel comfortable saying (for the first time) that she is now fully recovered. I can never thank you enough."

If you, or someone you know, also have symptoms of failure to thrive, or excessive hair loss or weight loss, keep in mind that homeopathy may benefit the condition.

I no longer offer homeopathic consultations.


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