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A Case of Galactocele, an Unusual Nursing Problem

I am a mother of 4 and have breastfed all my children. Because of my passion for breastfeeding, I became a La Leche League Leader after having my first child. I learned a lot about breastfeeding - my best teacher being experience. Because of my wonderful experience working with Mati and homeopathy, I want to share what I have been through in hopes of helping another mom.

After having my second child I developed a galactocele. A galactocele is a mass of plugged milk ducts in the breast. These are not infected, but because of their being plugged they are very painful. I treated my sore breast with accupuncture, massage, ultrasonic waves, anything and everything. Finally I used herbs to reduce my bountiful milk supply and thereby reduce the galactocele. I still had enough milk for my baby, just not too much.

The galactocele remained as a lump in my breast. After my third child it didn't seem to be so much of a bother and did not get very large. However, after my fourth child it again reared its ugly and painful head. This time I did not want to use herbs to control it and my midwife recommended talking with Mati. After all, Mati had helped my husband and I work through some painful emotional things with homeopathy while I was pregnant.

I spoke with Mati about my galactocele as well as some trouble my new baby was having with bowel movements. Mati was able to help both of us. The baby's issue wasn't so hard to pinpoint, but I know that Mati took quite a bit of time one day to find what rememdy would help my galactocele, which I had had for several years by this time. Mati found the remedy she thought would work, and when we talked about it I was amazed at how many of the symptoms it would help - physical as well as the emotional ones I had shared with Mati the day before.

Mati had to order the remedy for me, so I excitedly bided my time until it came in. After only 2 doses of the remedy my galactocele was gone!! I have recommeded nursing mothers to ask Mati for help with various breastfeeding issues because of my incredible experience. If a mother is experiencing plugged ducts, mastitis or thrush I strongly encourage them to seek the relief homeopathy can offer, especially if the problem is persistant. I also encourage mothers whose babies are having "colic" and/or food allergies to ask Mati for help. I think that Mati's experience with her own children and her desire to help them and herself heal is a gift for the rest of us to tap into. My children and I are currently working with Mati on chronic yeast/thrush issues. I am so excited about the prospect of healing myself and my children from this ongoing infection.

Thanks again Mati!!

Crestone, Colorado, US

I no longer offer homeopathic consultations.


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