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Chronic Hypothermia, Icy Cold or Burning Hot - A Six Year Old Nightmare

Have you ever heard of chronic hypothermia with sensations of icy cold or burning hot? I sure hadn't, and neither had any of the doctors or alternative practitioners he had seen in the past. The symptoms didn't make any sense to anyone. How can you feel icy cold or burning hot, and have hypothermia at the same time??? Who knows why this was happening. All I know is that homeopathy healed him in less than 6 months.


This was a very strange case of a man in his fourties who had a problem that nobody had been able to help him with so far. He told me he had had this problem for the past 6 years and that he felt so tired and discouraged that it was starting to make him suicidal. He had seen 18 healers previously who couldn't figure out what to do about it, and he had also seen the best doctors he could find and had numerous tests done. But, because all the test results came back inconclusive, the medical doctors could do nothing because they couldn't diagnose what was wrong with him.


His symptoms were very odd: Either he felt so icy cold that nothing could make him warm, or he felt like he was burning hot inside. Whenever the sensation of icy cold or burning hot got too intense, he would take his temperature to see if he was running a fever, but the temperature was always a degree or two below the norm. So, even though he was feeling like he had a fever, he was actually suffering from chronic hypothermia!

Luckily, in homeopathy, we don't need a diagnosis or a sickness with a name because we don't treat sickness directly. Homeopathy looks at all the symptoms, physical, mental and emotional, as well as the client's life situation, and the remedy choice is based on the whole picture and not just on a couple of physical symptoms. During the interview, I noticed how accurate his memory was. He knew exactly which day he had seen which healer in the past. He could tell me his symptoms and sensations in great detail and he also told me he used to go out running every day. He seemed to be a very disciplined and orderly person. In addition, he told me he was also very careful about what food to eat or not eat, and of course, he was taking many supplements every day. But even though both his food and life style was very healthy, he didn't seem to be able to overcome this odd sensation of either icy coldness or burning heat and the chronic hypothermia. Very odd symptoms! His worst time of day was in the middle of the night between midnight and 3am.

All of these symptoms fit the remedy picture of Arsenicum Album. Because he was very sensitive to all kinds of medications, I started with a low potency, and gradually moved to a higher potency as soon as the first one stopped working.

The remedy worked very quickly. Within a month he was about 90% better. He still took occasional doses of Arsenicum over the next 5 months, and eventually, all his symptoms of icy cold, burning hot and hypthermia completely cleared up.

Homeopathy is a very good option for people with mysterious or unexplainable symptoms that nobody can make sense out of. So if you hear of anyone else who have symptoms of icy cold, burning hot, chronic hypothermia or any other weird symptoms, please let them know about homeopathy.

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