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Homeopathy for a Possible Snake Bite

Can homeopathy relieve snake bites? Absolutely! Any kind of poisonous bites, whether it is an insect bite or a snake bite, can quite easily be relieved with a homeopathic remedy that fits the case. Snake bites can be potentially life threatening and ideally, a remedy has to be given as quickly as possible. However, the story below will show how it can still work, even several days after the snake bite happened.


One Sunday last July, I received a call from a woman who sounded extremely upset. "I may have been bitten by a black widow, or some other nasty creature!" she told me. Wendy, age 43, said she'd visited two different hospital emergency rooms, but they hadn't helped her. She was still feeling miserable, and her right foot and leg were swollen and discolored. I suggested that she come to my office right away.

Within 30 minutes, Wendy showed up on crutches and barely able to walk. As soon as I saw her, I could feel my hairs standing on end. Something about her energy made me think to myself, "this is bad!" Wendy started telling me her story before I could get out my pad and pen. She talked a mile a minute, jumping from subject to subject. I asked if she had always talked that fast; she said "no" and added, "I feel like I'm in shock ... I feel like my heart is racing, like I'm going to have a heart attack."

Walking home in the dark

Wendy explained that she had visited a local bar one night the previous week and had a few drinks. When the person who was supposed to pick her up never arrived, Wendy walked two to three miles home on a dark, hot night. We live in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, out in the country, where there are no street lights, so she couldn't see where she was putting her feet. She was wearing shorts and sandals. By the time Wendy got home, she felt horrible. Her right leg looked swollen, and she couldn't sleep much that night because she felt very jittery. The next day she felt so bad that she went to the local emergency room (ER). Her leg from about the knee downward was blue and swollen, apparently from internal bleeding. She wondered if something had bitten her. She felt shaky, fuzzy-headed, nauseated, and very dizzy. She started getting severe heart palpitations, was hyperventilating, and had elevated blood pressure. The veins on her hands were standing out. She thought she was going to have a heart attack.

The ER staff looked at her foot and shin and said it was a peculiar "bruise." Even though the severe bruising and swelling extended from the ankle bone up to the knee and encompassed most of her lower leg, they never even considered the possibility of a snake bite. The ER staff listened to her heart and told her she was fine. A nurse confirmed that her veins were standing out but assured her that this was not an unusual condition. The doctors sent her home with a prescription for Percodan®, a pain killer. While Wendy was waiting for the prescription, she almost fainted twice, and had to vomit in a trash can.

Wendy's condition worsened, and a few days later, she went to a different ER. This time she was very panicky and hysterical, because she felt like she had been poisoned by something very bad and that it was killing her. The ER staff in this hospital didn't consider the possibility of a snake bite, either. This time the doctors gave her a prescription for Valium®. She didn't think the doctors believed her story of a possible poisoning from an insect or a snake bite.

Desperate for help

By the time she came to me, she felt completely desperate. Her right foot and leg looked awful. The whole lower leg was very swollen, and she had a big bump about 7 inches up from the inner ankle bone on her shin. Internal bleeding extended from the ankle almost to the knee, all the way around the leg. The color was black/blue/purplish, and the foot felt very hard and icy cold. I could see two marks on the bump, which looked like deep puncture marks or fang marks. I thought the punctures were too far apart to be a spider bite, so I figured it must be a snake bite, possibly from a rattlesnake since they are common in Colorado. Wendy's symptoms of swelling, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, and changes in heart rate and blood pressure were also consistent with the symptoms of snake bites.

Wendy showed me that her veins were standing out and that her hands were trembling. I asked her to stick her tongue out, and it was trembling as well. She was so weak at the time that she could hardly stand up. I quickly analyzed Wendy's case and chose to give her some Lachesis, which is a remedy made from the venom of the bushmaster snake. This remedy is often used to treat many kinds of snake bites accompanied by bluish discoloration of the skin, chest constriction, talking quickly, trembling, and weakness.

I first gave Wendy one dose of Lachesis 200c. She started feeling better immediately, and asked me to give her more, which luckily, I didn't do. About two minutes later, she got a wild look on her face, became hysterical and told me that she didn't feel well. She started hyperventilating, got severe palpitations, and began sweating profusely on her face. I thought "Oh, no! I've given a potency that is too high, and she's having an aggravation of her symptoms."

I quickly gave her a dose of Lachesis 30c, since a lower potency of the same remedy can sometimes help a person get over an aggravation of symptoms quickly. Soon after, Wendy felt better. I saw her body relax, and her speech slowed almost immediately. Within about five minutes, the color of her foot even started to change a little. After about 10 minutes, she smiled and told me she felt much better. I prepared a bottle of Lachesis 30c and told her to put a few drops in a glass of water, stir it, and sip it throughout the day until she experienced significant improvement.

Improvement continues

I stayed in touch with Wendy every few days, and she came to the office for a follow-up visit eight days later. She told me that after starting the Lachesis, her episodes of hyperventilation and heart palpitations had stopped completely. She had felt a slight constriction in her throat, but that had also resolved. She appeared calm, spoke at normal speed, and reported feeling much better mentally and emotionally. Her foot had started to itch a couple of days after starting the remedy, and then the swelling began to subside. The bluish/black color changed first to dark red then to bright yellow, and now slowly her normal color was coming back.

I noted that her foot looked almost normal, except for a big blackish spot at the ankle and the bite area, which still had some swelling and hardness around it. She felt that she was no longer in danger. I now gave Wendy a higher potency, Lachesis 200c, because her life force seemed much stronger than it had been a week ago, and I figured she could benefit from a higher potency now without an aggravation. She continued to improve and was very happy with her progress.

At some point I changed from Lachesis to Arsenicum, which was her constitutional remedy and also a good remedy for snake bites. When her skin started itching violently, as the body was getting rid of the poisons, she used Rhus Tox (poison ivy) for a few days.

At the very end of her healing process, there was just a bit of numbness left around the fang marks, possibly due to nerve damage. I gave Hypericum 30c, and within a couple of more weeks, she recovered completely.

About three months later

The local newspaper had an article about a rattlesnake that somebody had found after it had been run over by a car on the same road that Wendy had walked home on... I cut out the picture and took it to Wendy so she could put it on the fridge to prove that there really were rattle snakes in the area. The hardest thing for Wendy was the fact that everywhere she turned for help, nobody believed that she was suffering from a serious snake bite. Neither her friends, nor the ER people in two hospitals believed her. Luckily, homeopathy was able to help, even if we'll never know for sure whether it was a snake bite, or not.

I no longer offer homeopathic consultations.

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