Homeopathic Remedies
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Homeopathic Remedies for Spring Allergy

Spring allergy is a huge problem for many people. There is something about the weather turning from cold to hot, and tree pollen being released in the spring winds. Early spring allergy is usually caused by tree pollen. Mid summer and fall allergy has more to do with grass pollen. What happens is, the body becomes oversensitive to substances that are not supposed to be seen by the body as harmful. This triggers an overreaction in the immune system, and the body produces way too much histamine as a result. The histamine helps the body get rid of the pollens by creating lots and lots of mucus from nose and eyes, and it can also create itching and swelling. In severe cases of spring allergy, the eyes, nose, and in some cases, even the throat, can start swelling so much that it starts to shut down. The anti-histamines you can buy from the local drugstore, will suppress the histamine production and make the symptoms of your spring allergy go away, but as I said before, suppression is never the same as a cure. Suppression always pushes the disturbance deeper into the system, and actually makes the condition worse in the long run. Using homeopathy for spring allergy is a better way to go because homeopathy always works in harmony with the body.

Lori's Spring Allergy

Last summer, I developed spring allergy which led to a respiratory infection. After getting very little relief from two visits to the local clinic, I consulted with Mati for a homeopathic remedy. Within hours of receiving the right remedy at the right dosage, my symptoms dramatically abated, and I was able to sleep all night for the first time in weeks. Soon after, I was completely well. Mati is knowledgeable and thorough, and I am very grateful to her. Homeopathy is a remarkably effective alternative to western medicine.
Lori, Crestone, Colorado, USA

Improvement can be quick, like Lori's spring allergy case shows, or it may take years to overcome the problem. The reason spring allergy is often very difficult to overcome, even with homeopathy, has to do with miasms, which are inherited weaknesses that we come in with. There are at least 3 different miasms, and if you have all of them, and they are really tangled up in eachother, you become susceptible to spring allergy, or many other allergies for that matter. So when dealing with very complicated cases, the acute symptoms have to be addressed first, and then later, when allergy season is over, deeper, constitutional, underlying weaknesses have to be addressed, and slowly, slowly, layers upon layers of old inherited stuff have to be "peeled off". This can be a long process, and you may have to put up with some amount of discomfort during allergy season while the process is happening, since you can't use homeopathy and suppressive allopathic medication at the same time. It is important, however, to look at what the real benefits are in the long run. Allopathic medicine offers short term relief for spring allergy, and long term worsening, since any suppression leads to deeper lying problems later. Homeopathy offers long term healing, even though the short term symptoms of your spring allergy may be bothersome during the process. So you have to decide what is more important to you - short term relief, or long term healing.

Personally, I have very bad spring allergy. I have found that the acute homeopathy remedies give relief until the amount of pollen reaches very high levels. Then, I am miserable, no matter what I do. When allergy season is over, I use deep acting remedies to remove some of the underlying miasmatic layers. So far, I am still working on clearing all this old stuff, and hopefully, my spring allergy will start getting less severe, and eventually be completely gone. But, it is definitely not an instant process, at least not for me. In many cases it takes a good amount of commitment as well as persistence to be able to overcome spring allergy permanently.

When choosing to use homeopathy for spring allergy, these are the issues one has to be aware of. In Lori's case (above story), healing her spring allergy was easy because the remedy that worked for her acute symptoms was also her constitutional remedy, and whenever that happens, the healing happens quickly. But, for some, the use of homeopathy for spring allergy is a lot more complicated. Personally, I feel that it is still worth choosing homeopathy over traditional methods because the use of homeopathy on a regular basis will eventually make the body stronger and healthier since there is no suppression of symptoms involved. However, this is an issue where everyone has to make their own choice, since the path of healing spring allergy is usually a long and complicated one.

I no longer offer homeopathic consultations.


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