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Homeopathy for Strep Gone Wild - A Case of Scarlet Fever and Severe Tonsillitis

This case was a very bad strep throat. The boy, an 8 year old, was brought to me looking very sick. He had a history of recurring strep throats and was wimpering from the pain in his throat while I was taking his case. He was suffering from extreme tonsillitis since both tonsils were extremely swollen with only a small opening left for breathing. The right side was worse, and the tonsils were a nasty dark red color. Both parotid glands (glands below the ears) were 2-3 times bigger than normal. The boy seemed confused, muttering and slightly delirious, and he was extremely weak. The tongue was brown down the middle, and the pain radiated into the ears when he had to swallow.

While I was studying his case, his face started changing color. A dark shade of burgundy was spreading over the face, and then it turned into a mottled looking rash. It quickly spread downwards, and within an hour the face had cleared up, but his upper torso and stomach were completely covered in very large dark burgundy patches - scarlet fever!

So, I found a remedy that covered all his symptoms of strep throat, tonsillitis and scarlet fever - Ailanthus Glandulosa, also called Tree of Heaven or Chinese Sumach. This remedy is very specific for serious cases of strep throat that results in a scarlet fever rash and tonsillitis, and of course it also covered his mental symptoms. I put the remedy in water and let him sip it throughout the day, and by evening there was a great improvement in the throat pain and the rash also looked much paler. Over the next 3 days the boy kept improving, and after he got well, I followed up with a constitutional remedy to help strengthen his immune system.

This case happened 3 years ago, and since then, he hasn't had any other episodes of serious strep throat infections or tonsillitis, and no more scarlet fever either.

This is often what happens when using homeopathy instead of allopathic medicines. Before the boy came to me for homeopathy, his father used to take him to the doctor whenever he got really bad strep infections. The doctor would put him on antibiotics for 5-10 days, depending on the severity of the situation, but the interesting thing is that the antibiotics usually had no effect on this boy. Many times, the father would bring him to me after a course of antibiotics that had no effect, and I would take his case and give him homeopathy instead. The tonsils eventually became chronically swollen and big, and the docs started talking about taking them out. Luckily, the father was comitted to using homeopathy, and eventually, the swelling subsided permanently. Now the boy is 11 years old and hardly ever gets a strep throat or tonsillitis. Whenever he gets a sore throat now, it is usually quite mild, and it normally responds to homeopathic remedies within days. He has 3 remedies at home that he can try whenever tonsillitis or strep throat is coming on - his constitutional remedy, and two others, one that he uses if he is thirsty, and one that he uses if there is no thirst. Having these three remedies in the house has made visits to the doctor unnessesary for the last three years! This shows what effect homeopathy can have on many bothersome conditions, in this case strep throat and tonsillitis. With homeopathy, there is always a short term effect as well as a long term effect. The long term effect from using homeopathy is improved health on every level, which the case above clearly shows. It saved him from surgery, and it also built up his immune system to where he no longer gets strep throats or tonsillitis so frequently, which is something antibiotics wasn't able to do.

I no longer offer homeopathic consultations.


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